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Enemy Squad

Review 10/30/98 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the North Star Bar, Philly It was a great HELL NIGHT for me as I went to check out Enemy Squad, playing at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. I met E-Squad lead guitarist Maurice "Pirahnahead" Herd, who told me that drummer/leader Gabe Gonzalez and the rest of the crew was hanging out upstairs (in the dressing room). After entering the dressing room, I was talking to Gabe for 15 minutes about the group's upcoming gigs, names of individuals in the E-Squad Army, and some other stuff. I got the pleasure of meeting Ron Smith (guitarist), Kerry Clark (bassist), Pirahnahead (guitarist) and Duminie DePorres (guitarist). The group's road manager, Chuck Haber, gave me a newsletter which contained a fantastic review of the debut album by Enemy was a newsletter by an organization based in Detroit.....home of the E-Squad!! When I went downstairs to the cafe area, I ran into Starr Cullars, Lige Curry and Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton. Starr was very pleased to see because she wanted to give me more information on the press release party that she and her group ENTERPRISE are throwing in Wilmington, Delaware. When I asked Pirahnahead (Maurice Herd) about his nickname, he said that the first part (Pirahna) is what he is and the second part is what he does!! HA HA HA HA!! At 11:55pm, Enemy Squad started their set somewhat late. They performed most of the stuff on the debut CD, plus a killer version of "Alice of My Fantasies"......SLAMMING HARD-EDGE ROCK!! Kidd Funkadelic and Starr Cullars were happy to join the group for a nicely reworking of Funkadelic's "Red Hot Momma".....Starr was slammin' on bass and Kidd Funkadelic was smokin' on lead guitar!! K.C. (Kerry Clark) played a funked-up solo during their set. The group had the audience participate in the chant "When I say 'time to get', y'all say 'stupid'!" The song set listing was: Millennium Swamp Thang If It Fits (Do You Swear It?) Anti-Prozac, Baby Prankster Boogie We're on Some Other Shit (funky instrumental, with party chant) I've Been Watching You United State of Mind Trick Chick Jane Pussy Sticky Liquid Funk Love War Red Hot Mama (featuring Mike Hampton & Starr Cullars) "I Wanna Go Home" Alice in My Fantasies The show ended at 1:25am. There were two problems with the Enemy Squad performance: There were only about 15 people checking out the show. "Love War" sounded good, but not as good as it did when they performed it at the FUNK-O-RAMA or Tramps shows in New York City. I did not hear the same Eddie Hazel-ish, nuclear-level guitar blasts from Piranhahead!

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